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Rising Damp

Rising damp is caused by the failure of an existing damp proof course (DPC), bridging of the DPC due to raised external ground levels, or, in older properties, the absence of a DPC. Bricks, stones and mortar are porous and will allow water to rise through what is known as capillary action. The results are staining to the decorative coverings, blown plaster, peeling paintwork and wallpaper and a risk of rot to joists and floorboards in direct contact with damp masonry.


How high the damp rises in a wall will depend on several factors including the height of the water table, pore continuity in the masonry and evaporation rates.


At Damptec Systems Ltd we are experts in damp control and, in accordance with the Property Care Association Code of Practice, will investigate the causes, diagnose and treat areas of rising damp in your home using the latest techniques. Our system provides a dry surface ready for decoration within 7-10 days of treatment.  We offer a ten year guarantee for our rising damp work as well as an insurance backed guarantee via GPI Insurance.

         Rising damp visible at base of wall 
Membrane and plasterboard being added to affected walls

We use a blend of silane and siloxanes for injection into brickwork which cures to form a water repellent. The cream is injected by hand pump into a series of holes drilled in the mortar. From here the injection cream reverts to a liquid phase and polysiloxanes are formed. As the product cures a silane vapour is also produced encouraging strong migration through the masonry. Curing of the DPC starts immediately with the final cure taking 2-6 weeks.

All of our damp proof course work is carried out in accordance with British Standard “Code of Practice for Diagnosis of Rising Damp in Walls of Buildings and Installation of Chemical Damp Proof Courses” BS6576: 2005

Pictured is a recent job treating a ground floor for rising damp including removal of plaster, injection of chemical DPC, installation of a membrane and dry-lining.  To finish, the walls have been plastered and have been left ready for decoration. 

Finished plastered walls carried out in tidy working environment
Finished plastered walls carried out in tidy working environment

What our customers say about our rising damp treatment:



We used Damptec to fix the damp issues on our front wall and would not hesitate to recommend them.  Excellent customer care and work finished on time.  Christine, South Yorkshire



Very professional service, friendly trustworthy and prompt time keeping, work 1st class.  Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.  A job well done
Michelle, Derbyshire

Finished plastered walls carried out in tidy working environment

Rising damp treatment in a barn conversion including installation of membrane, dry-lining and plaster finish

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