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Green Homes Grant – what is it and how to apply?

The Property Care Association is an approved Green Homes Grant scheme operator as all PCA members are listed on the Government TrustMark directory.

Whilst our services do not fall directly under the primary list of energy saving measures covered by the grant, the Government has revealed that certain auxiliary services, in the form of damp specialist treatment to facilitate these core energy saving installations, will be covered. 

Under this new initiative, from 30th September 2020 homeowners in England will be able to apply for vouchers from the Government that will cover two thirds of the cost (up to £5000) to install an energy saving solution, such as insulation. Moreover, for low income homeowners the Government will make it possible to apply for a 100% grant up to the value of £10,000 for certain works.

How to apply for a Green Homes Grant

The application process begins in September 2020. To apply for your voucher you will need to log on to the Simple Energy Advice website to find a suitable energy saving solution.  To date we understand that the process for homeowners looks like the following:

  1. Initial interaction and registration on the Simply Energy website
  2. Find & select approved TrustMark contractors near you
  3. Have a quote generated for the energy saving works
  4. Apply for your voucher using the quote
  5. Once works/installation is complete, contractors lodge the works against DW
  6. Invoice for the works/installation is generated by the contractor
  7. Homeowners pay the invoice less the Green Homes Grant award
  8. Contractors claim grant amounts from the Department for Business, Energy & Industry following validation and verification