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Stop your cellar from flooding with a sump pump system

We specialise in installing sump pump systems

Annual servicing is available for added peace of mind

It is not unusual for a building to suffer from a flooded cellar.


Cellars are useful for many things, including being used for extra storage and living space. That said, these subterranean structures are prone to a range of problems. As the lowest level of your house, cellars are inherently prone to flooding.


The results can be damaged stored items, uninhabitable living conditions, fungal and insect attack.


Damptec – Specialists in Cellar Drainage

We are qualified members of the Property Care Association, with many years experience in removing standing water from cellars.  We offer a professional and friendly service operating across South Yorkshire and the East Midlands.


How will a Sump Pump stop my Cellar from Flooding?

We install a sump in the floor at the lowest point in the cellar and nearest to a suitable point of discharge for the pump. The pump is then positioned within the sump and is controlled by an automatic snap-action tube and float switch. As the water level increases within the sump the float rises and when the pre-set switch level is reached the pump will automatically operate and discharge the water out of the cellar.

Standard Sump Pump System

Our standard Sump Pump system offers basic flood protection.  The system would be fitted by one of our PCA qualified technicians.

Our service includes:

  • Free on site inspection by a PCA Qualified Surveyor

  • A fixed price quotation

  • Installation by qualified damp technicians

12 months to 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

Pump Servicing and Maintenance

We offer pumps from a wide range of manufacturers, making it easy to find the perfect system to suit your needs. Sump Pump systems are covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. We are able to extend sump pump system warranties to 3 years with a yearly service plan for extra peace of mind. 


Failure to maintain your Sump Pump system may increase the risk of failure and likelihood of your cellar flooding.


We offer a full maintenance service.


  •  Using our PCA trained technicians we are able to inspect all aspects of your pumping set up


  •  We can arrange scheduled maintenance around your chosen time and date


What will it cost?


  • Protect your cellar from flooding with Damptec from £900.00+ VAT


  • Pump servicing from £180.00 + VAT


 We provide FREE on-site inspections and quotations

Contact us on 0845 600 4404

to speak to a member of our friendly team

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